frappe maker
frappe maker

A piece of Greece with our commercial milkshake frappe drink mixers

No conversation about Greek coffee would be complete without mentioning the Greek innovation of frappe maker. Coming from the French word meaning ‘to hit’, a frappe is a cold coffee drink that has become very popular in Greece, especially during the hot summer months. It was invented by accident back in the 1960s when a Nestle chocolate employee ran out of chocolate milk mix to make a drink and used instant coffee instead. That’s really all it is: instant coffee, milk, and ice, blended together and served with a straw. Despite its simplicity, frappe rapidly became one of the most popular ways to drink coffee in Greece, especially among young people.

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The KDM 450A Bench Top Frappe Maker will enable you to make an authentic ice frappe in no time.

Commercial-grade. Food-safe.

One sip and you’ll be transported to a summer’s day by the Aegean!

Frappe Drink Mixer

The first hand held frappe mixer designed and manufactured in Greece A product of ice frappe.

While a nostalgic fondness may remain for traditional brews and instant iced frappe, quality coffee beans are fast gaining ground for the superior flavor.

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