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Ice Frappe

Ice Frappe was founded in 2018 for the purpose of bringing to Australia the finest coffee and machines that the Greek market has to offer. We have a close relationship with Kalko Frappe Machines and Nektar coffee. We test all of our range to the highest standards. The back our products and keep Australian retail laws to ensure a safe and trusted retail process.

We are constantly searching for any new products that will uphold the Ice Frappe bsanding. Our philosophy is simple – “Make sure it works as intended and is the finest of it’s kind”

Kalko machines worlds best Greek frappe maker

Years of discussions and a close relation ship with Kalko in Greece we have cemented “Worlds Best” greek frappee maker to come to the the shores of Australia. With the largest population of greek disporia it was naturally a decision we were compelled to achieve. Frappe in the streets of Oakleigh victoria and sydney suburbs of enmore the frappe culture is thriving. So it is with great pleasure in presenting to the Australian public the oppurtunity to have the best frappee maker in the world in their homes. We provide commercial solutions on enquiry.

Important facts about the machines

  • Commercial drink mixer
  • Metal body from antimagnetic stainless steel AISI 304
  • Powerful motor, 350W, with 10,000 – 20,000 rpm (no load speed)
  • Motor with independent cooling system
  • Performance level more than 500,000 drinks
  • Waterproof on/off switch IP65
  • Hidden switch for auto action with the malt cup
  • Antimagnetic AISI304 stainless steel shaft Φ11mm, food safety
  • Polycarbonate beamer-propeller, with two levels, food safety
  • Antimagnetic AISI304 stainless steel malt cup, 900 ml, food safety
  • Double malt cup support, very strong plastic, PA6.6
  • Two layers of electrostatic ecological paint
  • 3 kg support weight on the base

Why we sell Nektar coffee

We are proud to make available  multi award winning greek coffee “Nektar” to the Australian market a range of coffee that is inspired , manufactured and distributed in Greece and around the world. Ice Frappe  has sole rights to sell the coffee brand in Australia and we not only make it available to the domestic markets but we are approached  by Commercial  establishments . A rigorous qualification has to be met to uphold the brands  integrity and quality of barista that  is required to get the most out of the flavour of the bean varieties. Click here for commercial  sales. Nektar coffee ad Kalko are a pairing made in coffee heaven.

Important facts

  • Since 1951, NEKTAR remains a family-owned and operated business
  • Their Production Unit is located in Greece, enabling us to deliver fast and on time
  • NEKTAR offers Private Label products for Super Markets, Coffee Companies and Coffeehouse Chains
  • Their constant attention to technological innovations and changing market trends by visiting exhibitions abroad
  • Forms alliances with specialty food distributors for exporting NEKTAR products. Our products are exported in Australia Canada, China, UK, Russia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Bulgaria
  • They are fully conformed to ISO 22000:2005 standards
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