Supply commercial frappe machine
Melissa’s grand opening

Kalko commercial frappe machine part of the Grand opening of iconic Melissa cafe in Oakleigh
Melissa, Melbourne’s iconic Greek cafe, has finally come to Oakleigh.

The first cafe of this chain was first started in 1969 by Nick and Soula Katsakis in Collingwood. They pick Melissa name for the cafe, which means honey bee.

For more than 43 years, the cafe and cake shop has been a place for clients to enjoy delicious Greek pastries, cakes, and other sweets from baklava to galaktoboureko washed down with the coffee.
This business has had many high-flying visitors, from Bert Newton to Graham Kennedy, Duran Duran, INXS, and cast members from Prisoner and Cop Shop.

These days, George and Angelo, Nick and Soula’s sons run the cafe but the original founders often pop in for a smile and chat.

There are several Melissa cafes around Melbourne and the fact that there was no one in Oakleigh was a huge oversight. Finally in Oakleigh, the cafe was inaugurated on the weekend and hopes to create a ‘Buzz’.

Melissa cafe supporting Greek manufactures using kalko frappe machine from ice frappe. Melissa Cafe is proud of our history and heritage. We have, through the years of practice and experience, sharpen our skills to produce a leading quality product, to the highest deliverable standards, with love and care. Come to Oakleigh and support this family-owned business.

The Kalko frappe mixer that they purchase is White KDM 450A. It comes with these features-

Commercial frappe machine

  • Commercial drink mixer
  • Metal body from antimagnetic stainless steel AISI 304
  • Powerful motor, 350W, with 10,000 – 20,000 rpm (no load speed)
  • Motor with independent cooling system
  • Performance level more than 500,000 drinks
  • Water proof on/off switch IP65
  • Hidden switch for auto action with the malt cup
  • Antimagnetic AISI304 stainless steel shaft Φ11mm, food safety
  • Polycarbonate beamer-propeller, with two levels, food safety
  • Antimagnetic AISI304 stainless steel malt cup, 900 ml, food safety
  • Double malt cup support, very strong plastic, PA6.6
  • Two layers of electrostatic ecological paint
  • 3 kg support weight on the base

Icefrappe like to congratulate Melissa Oakleigh for the Grand opening looking forward to along and beneficial relationship with us.

Melissa website address https://www.melissacakes.com.au/