Supply commercial frappe machine <br>Melissa’s grand opening


Kalko commercial frappe machine part of the Grand opening of iconic Melissa cafe in Oakleigh Melissa, Melbourne’s iconic Greek cafe, has finally come to Oakleigh. The first cafe of this chain was first started in 1969 by Nick and Soula Katsakis in Collingwood. They pick Melissa name for the cafe, which means honey bee. For […]

Why choose ice frappe Kalko Commercial drink mixer machine for business applications?

Nektar cafe

When you’re looking to buy commercial drink mixer machine or more new milkshake machines or mixer for your restaurant, cafeteria, or food truck, or even home there are lots of things that you should assess.A variety of factors are necessary for making the right decision, including the different settings that it can provide and the […]

Greek Organic Coffee may hold the key to a longer life

Greek organic coffee

Gerasimos Siasos, a professor at the University of Athens Medical School, and his teammate wanted to discuss the population’s coffee drinking and its effect on their health. The endothelial function represents the health of blood vessel walls. The endothelium is a collection of a layer of cells that line the interior of blood vessels, helping […]

What are the benefits of drinking Greek coffee?

Greek coffee

Not all the coffee you drink is healthy and good. But Greek coffee is said as a super drink because it contains powerful antioxidants and other vitamins that can help to prevent diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer, and many more. What’s the top secret to heart health and life span? It may be a daily […]

How to Make Authentic Greek Coffee

Greek Coffee

Greek coffee is basically the same thing as Turkish coffee. It is an integral part of the culture and is found everywhere in Greece. Greek coffee is a strongly brewed coffee and requires a specific style of coffee pot, called a briki, and a fine grind of coffee beans. It requires the proper amount of […]

Greek Frappe – More than a national beverage.

greek frappe

History Greek frappe is a beverage made from generally instant coffee, water, and sugar. There is a variety of cold coffee but named cafe frappe is similar to slushes and more like iced coffee. According to legend, the Greek version of cafe frappe, using instant coffee, was invented in September 1957 at the Thessaloniki International […]

Exploring Traditional Greek Coffee Culture

Greek Coffee

We’ve all met friends for coffee- whether it be for studying, catching up, or brainstorming purposes, coffee shops are prime hotspots for productivity. In Greece, coffee breaks are long and taken seriously- just like the coffee itself is. There are two forms of cafés in Greece: kafeteria (modern larger cafés) or “kafeneio” (a traditional Greek […]

How Greeks Came to Drink Coffee

Greek Coffee

On a recent trip to Greece, I sat huddled in the back of a small coffee handler while my guide explained how Greeks came to drink coffee. I was on the island of Crete, which has changed hands several times. In fact, this is the story of most places in Greece. Yet, despite this history, […]

The origins of greek frappe

Greek Frappe

According to popular legend, the Greek-style frappe was invented in September 1957 at the annual Thessaloniki International Fair in the convention center of Greece’s second largest city. Working at an exhibit for Andreas Dritsas, then the Greek distributor of Nektar products, sales representative G.Neofotistos made an important discovery. Reportedly there was no hot water available. Maybe he […]